Why registering a bank account with PayPal?

To use PayPal under better conditions, it is recommended to register a bank account. This service offers consumers secure online payment, simple and fast services for instant transactions. Those who make purchases in euros in the European Economic Area benefit from a free online service. Sending money in euros in French in the European Economic Area is also free of charge.

Main asset to register a bank account on PayPal

Registering a bank account on a PayPal account is a simple procedure that guarantees several services: withdrawal, transfer, fast payment... Thanks to this approach, it is now easier to make payments in complete security. It is no longer necessary to enter the 16 digits of the credit card or the sensitive data of your bank account to validate an online purchase. When you take the time to register a bank account with PayPal, online shopping is faster. All you have to do is enter your PayPal ID, i. e. e-mail and password, to validate instant transactions. In addition, if the payment is not sufficient on your PayPal balance, it is possible to quickly cover the remaining amount for the transaction to continue your online order.

Make these online transactions much easier

A PayPal account makes it easier to track expenses. Once the bank account is registered, it automatically becomes the default source of supply if preferred sources of supply have not been selected. The bank account also becomes the source of supply when the preferred source is not available and the funds in the PayPal balance are not sufficient to cover the transaction. It should be noted that other sources of supply can easily be chosen when validating payment.

Enjoy convenient and secure services by registering a bank account on PayPal

Registering a bank account with PayPal is a convenient procedure, the service provider helps consumers track their transactions by sending them a receipt for each payment made from the account. It is also possible to transfer money from a PayPal account to the local bank account. Make purchases with PayPal guaranteed secure transactions since the recipients do not see the bank account information at any time when validating the transaction. Managers review all transactions and inform consumers when they notice unusual activity on the account. The e-wallet offers insurance against unauthorized payments. In the event that this type of payment occurs, the customer is covered since PayPal refunds the dispute within 10 business days after reporting the payment so that the consumer can have his money available during the analysis of the transaction.    
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