Our tips for using vouchers

Good tips are the best allies of everyday life to make your food purchases at smart prices. Presented in the form of promotional codes or discount coupons, they are made available to consumers by commercial brands and their partners throughout…

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Why registering a bank account with PayPal?

To use PayPal under better conditions, it is recommended to register a bank account. This service offers consumers secure online payment, simple and fast services for instant transactions. Those who make purchases in euros in the European Economic Area benefit…

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Why shop in U supermarkets?

Today, with technological progress, an Internet race is more and more frequent. This affects all sectors, including the food sector. To this end, U supermarkets, specialising in large-scale distribution, offer the possibility of making online purchases, having them delivered to…

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How do I synchronize my bank account with my PayPal account?

E-commerce site owners who wish to receive the total amount of purchases made in their virtual stores must open a PayPal account. Customers are not required to have a PayPal account as the online payment system will act as an…

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What is a financial analyst?

Financial analysts are financial professionals whose mission is to seek useful and relevant information in order to facilitate the best possible decisions. To process, organize, analyse and incorporate various elements useful for decision-making, this market operator must demonstrate good methodology,…

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