Our tips for using vouchers

Good tips are the best allies of everyday life to make your food purchases at smart prices. Presented in the form of promotional codes or discount coupons, they are made available to consumers by commercial brands and their partners throughout the year. The result is significant savings for "discount fans". Whether you shop online or in a supermarket, discover the tips that will allow you to use the vouchers offered for U supermarkets in an intelligent way.

A wide range of discounts available all year round

In U stores, every opportunity is available to save you money all year round, from Christmas parties to various regional events, not to mention those resulting from the imagination of the U System. Accessible only online (via a computer or mobile device), this catalogue is continuously updated with new discount coupons. These are valid for thousands of products that are useful in everyday life, in all categories. You can therefore explore it every week and take advantage of the discounts available during the period scheduled for your shopping. While these offers remain available throughout France, only a limited number of supermarkets participate in the same event. The validity of a discount coupon may then vary from one brand to another, whether or not they are located in the same region. To make sure you don't miss out on any vouchers that will actually be useful to you, remember to subscribe to the newsletter of your favourite store.

Exclusive to customers who have the U Card

The food vouchers available on the official website of the U stores are intended for the exclusive use of customers who can prove that they have joined the loyalty programme. In addition to giving you access to these unique coupons, the U Card allows you to obtain many other benefits associated with U stores and their partners, including:
  • 20% daily discount on a wide selection of food consumables;
  • Exclusive benefits throughout the year for many products and services.
The discounts offered are refunded in € U Card, which you can use as you wish, for:
  • pay for your future purchases in store or online;
  • Support the U System in the fight against hunger around the world.
Subscribing to the U stores loyalty program will therefore make you realize the full range of benefits all year round. Moreover, the U-Card is absolutely free and offers very interesting welcome offers.

Find suppliers of vouchers on the Internet

If you do not wish to subscribe to the loyalty programme of your favourite supermarkets, you can always take advantage of the food coupons offered by the various online coupon suppliers. The latter may or may not be partners in the various distributions chains and therefore serve as intermediaries for consumers. The possibilities granted obviously vary, depending on the brand chosen.

Obtain immediate discounts on purchases

This offer is exclusive to voucher suppliers who are partners of U stores. By registering on these sites, you will have access to a catalogue of discount coupons to print for your races. All you have to do is select the ones you are interested in and use them when you arrive at your store checkout. You will then receive an immediate discount and the corresponding benefit will be deducted from the amount of your cash ticket.

To be reimbursed in the form of "cash-back".

Rather than saving directly on your cash ticket, other refund offers are available online. The principle is relatively simple:
  • buy your products in store or on the internet and keep the invoice of your order;
  • scan and send to suppliers the cash register tickets associated with the coupons you wish to take advantage of;
  • Once your request has been validated, you will receive the corresponding amount by bank transfer or any other means of your choice.
Partner brands as well as third-party suppliers offer this cash-back system. Finding them on the web is therefore an unstoppable trick to achieve additional savings all year round.

Print your coupons buy your products and save!

In addition to the cash-back offers, the travel discount vouchers must be printed. From the official website of the U stores or its partners, you simply need to print the offers that interest you and promote them in supermarkets. However, it is important to respect the conditions concerning:
  • the validity of discount coupons;
  • the number of possible uses per person or per household;
  • The stores where they can be accepted and the purchases for which they are valid.
Note that it is quite possible to operate several different discount coupons at once in the same supermarket. However, since they are only valid for 30 days after printing, consider using them as soon as possible, because with all these vouchers, you have enough to make significant savings on your consumption budget throughout the year. It would be a real shame not to take advantage of it!
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