You want to optimize your tax system? Yes, it is possible!

To optimize your taxes, it is possible to invest in real estate from scratch. The key to a successful optimization strategy is to implement good account management. In addition to applying an optimization strategy, the investor will need to monitor…

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Going through a trustee for a tax return: what are the advantages?

Both companies and individuals often encounter difficulties in filing their tax returns. Indeed, there are a number of documents to be collected, calculations to be made and deadlines to be respected. This is why more and more individuals and companies…

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How does LMNP taxation work?

The LMNP tax system is based on the status of Furnished Renter, this tax system can be applied to a secondary activity when it concerns the Non-Professional Furnished Renter. When the commercial activity is based as a main activity, the…

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Taxation of pensions, how is a retirement pension taxed?

Retirement pensions are entitled to a special tax regime. Those who decide to contribute to retirement in order to enjoy a supplementary pension, by subscribing to PERP, FCIP are entitled to lower taxes compared to working income. Contributing to retirement…

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