What is a financial analyst?

Financial analysts are financial professionals whose mission is to seek useful and relevant information in order to facilitate the best possible decisions. To process, organize, analyse and incorporate various elements useful for decision-making, this market operator must demonstrate good methodology, rigour, excellent judgment and a broad culture in terms of society and market economy.

What are the qualities of a financial analyst?

The financial analyst is present in the various spheres of society. It is involved in assessing the financial impacts of decisions relating to various fields of activity: marketing, information systems, human resources management, etc. When a graduate of a business school has to carry out the financial analysis of a company specialising in nuclear energy, it is clear that this approach requires a good ability to adapt. In addition, the financial analyst will have to address different types of interlocutors. To achieve this, he or she must demonstrate good communication skills. It is also essential that the financial analyst has a spirit of analysis and synthesis. As an expert in wealth management, the financial analyst can work for a banking or financial institution for the benefit of clients. It is responsible for collecting as much data as possible on listed companies. This information is used to inform its clients so that they can make successful investments.

Missions and skills required of a good financial analyst

The daily life of a financial analyst is to support the financial controller/accountant, CFO. This asset manager can work with a bank; the job consists of providing financial and economic advice and making economic forecasts. Some of the skills required to be a good financial analyst include: analytical mind, results orientation, efficiency and autonomy. To do this job, you will have to work mainly in the office and often with large companies. A financial analyst's working hours are flexible; the pressure is greater at different times of the year.

Financial analyst: a multifaceted profession

The job of financial analyst requires several skills, including great rigour, a good ability to synthesize and anticipate. This market operator must have a real curiosity of mind and a great ability to listen. Since the challenge is daily in the world of finance, this professional must have strong nerves and enjoy taking on challenges. In order to understand the company from all its angles, the wealth management expert must have economic and financial knowledge as well as a good general knowledge. Since the globalization of trade, analysts have specialized in targeted areas. A consultant specialized in luxury or who works on the Internet works in different contexts depending on the employer.
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