How to obtain a recommendation to invest in a project?

Investing in many types of projects makes it possible to be eligible for tax-exempt schemes. Individuals who wish to obtain further recommendations for investing in a project may seek the advice of the wealth manager.

How to obtain investment recommendations for a project?

The wealth manager's advice helps clients find profitable investment opportunities that fit their budget. The problem with the term PGC is that the wealth management advisor is not protected. As a result, anyone can claim to be in this business. The best way to find the expert in wealth advice is to use the recommendation. However, it will be necessary to ensure that the counsellor has proven himself over a fairly long period of time. According to a recent study, 93% of new clients of independent wealth management advisors are referred. Word of mouth remains the best advertising. The advantage with the wealth management advisor is that clients benefit from the availability and responsiveness of wealth advisors. The client must also check the certifications of the wealth management advisor to practice his profession, click to learn more. To benefit from a complete service, you must work with a professional who is also an insurance broker, banking and payment services intermediary and a financial investment advisor. The professional must also possess a real estate card or certificate and possess appropriate legal competence.

Different models of wealth management advisor

To know what criteria to use to make financial decisions, it is important to obtain your recommendation before investing in a project. The wealth management market is composed of several factors such as online institutions, private or traditional banking, office asset manager with CIF (financial investment advisor) status. With so many choices, it is difficult to find the right intermediary for wealth management advice.

Transparent compensation for wealth management advisors

Since 1 January 2018, the remuneration of asset managers has become more transparent. Indeed, the advisor who receives commissions on the products he recommends will have to inform his clients. This was not mandatory before that date. The fact is that PMBs must specify to clients when advice presented is independent or not. When an advisor receives a commission on a product, the choice of offer is not independent. To receive remuneration, advisors must justify a continuous improvement in the service provided to the client.
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