How to choose your bank?

The choice of a bank is a decision that is binding on the client for a long period of time. For this reason, it is necessary to think carefully before taking action; especially since it is a bit constraining to change banks. The solution for choosing the right bank does not require any miracle recipes, but a structured approach to be followed. The selection of the banking institution is made according to its financial needs, its professional situation, the banking services offered...

Why choose to subscribe to an online bank?

Online banks stand out from the competition by offering advantageous rates compared to traditional banks. Opening this type of account allows you to take advantage of savings on account management and various bank services. Those who register for an online bank will be able to benefit from free payment methods. It is thus possible to benefit from a free credit card. Depending on their savings, customers can benefit from classic or premium CB cards. Another useful asset of online banks is that beneficiaries can take advantage of the services of banks that do not charge any account maintenance fees, no fees on intervention fees and they benefit from reduced overdrafts. In addition, transfers or direct debits are also free banking services. The absence of a physical branch allows clients of a 2.0 bank to access their account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Criteria for choosing a bank

Among the main criteria to be taken into account when choosing a bank are: the client's age, professional situation, planned projects, financial needs, available banking services, income / wealth. Other factors must also be taken into consideration when searching for his bank. This is the case of the geographical location of the financial institution; the frequency of foreign travel, tariffs, and professionals will also have to take into account their status (associations, companies, SMEs, start-ups...).

Verify the quality and diversity of banking services

Among the points to check when choosing a bank are basic services such as opening, closing an account, maintaining an account, sending account statements, direct debits, deposits, transfers, withdrawals, etc. It is also important to look at additional banking services such as savings insurance, assistance and security... Payment methods (credit card ranges, cheques, etc.), credit products and services, account management services and relations with the bank are all elements to be checked when choosing a bank. The consumer also has the choice between online banking or a network of branches. The difference between these two types of banks is in the prices and the way they operate.
Bank comparators are an excellent way to make the right choice!
Online banking comparison

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